Sign up for Funky Loyalty Points at the bottom of the page, earn points when you complete activities, and redeem rewards!

Please note that Funky Loyalty Points vouchers are only available on and are redeemed as money off discount codes. They cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer and they hold no monetary value. Please bear this in mind when redeeming codes on sale days as you cannot use a code as part payment when a discount has already been applied.


I have used 2 email addresses for separate orders, can I move them all onto one account?

Unfortunately, the points are allocated to the email address that placed the order, we cannot combine or merge points. You will however be able to use your redeemed code on either account.

How do I spend my points?

You will be able to see the rewards available to you in your rewards tab, you can either save these up for a bigger discount or use them as you go. To redeem, click on the reward you wish to use, a code will then be generated for you to copy and paste this into your cart at checkout.

Can I use the points with another discount code?

No the points system is your discount code and cannot be used in conjunction with other codes or offers. You can only choose to use 1 of your rewards at any time. So you will need to select whether you wish to use your code or the existing one (ie Free P&P) and which will benefit you most. Equally if we are running sale weekends ie Black Friday the discounts will be generated automatically by the website so if you wish to opt for using your code you must select “use a different code” at checkout.

I have used my discount code and it has taken me under the free postage threshold, can I still have free postage?

Unfortunately the system is set to £45, if a voucher code takes you below this figure then you will be eligible for the relevant postage costs. Please bear this in mind when redeeming your voucher as it may be worth saving up for the next level if you do not want to incur postage charges.

I have converted my points to rewards but want to convert back to save up for bigger rewards, can I do this?

Unfortunately no, once your points have been redeemed for a voucher code they cannot be reverted back to points. The voucher will remain in your account until you wish to spend it.

Do I get Funky Loyalty Points when buying gift vouchers?

Yes, however the recipient of the gift card will not qualify for points on their purchase because the points are added to the purchase of the gift card and therefore we cannot issue double points.

Will my points be deducted if I return an item?

Our points have a 28 day approval process on purchases so provided the item is not returned the points will be allocated to your account. If however the goods are returned the points will be cancelled and not allocated to you.

If I return an item will I lose the code that I used?

If you return an item that was paid for partially with a voucher obtained from your Funky Loyalty Points you will only receive a refund for the amount paid. The code provided for Funky Loyalty Points is only a 1 time use code and this will be forfeited if an item is refunded.  Please be aware of this when ordering as you will lose any vouchers that have been used against purchase. This is non negotiable.

How long do the points take to clear?

All points take 28 days to be applied to your account after purchase.


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